Jonathan Chacko
at Monkedia

A few highlights and projects I thought might be worth sharing.

In Chronological Order Redesign

Gospel for Asia's website has been around 20+ years, but had not received a updated design in nearly 8 years.
This needed to be changed for multiple reasons.

GFA on a mac

2015 Review


GFA needed to webpage to highlight the numbers of people impacted through donor giving in 2015. With only a few days to write, design and develop and with some strict requirements to follow, here's what was published.


We built a custom crowdfunding website, but the design, user interactions and code base needed updating after 3 years.

Revolution in World Missions

The organization's feature name accquistion piece was the book, "Revolution in World Missions", written by the founder. What could be done to ensure people would read and interact with the book?